Since I’m Being Honest With You – Kathrin Burmester at TOPAZ ARTS

Table Move, Kathrin Burmester

TOPAZ ARTS, Inc. presents

Since I’m Being Honest With You
a solo exhibition by Kathrin Burmester

co-curated by Todd B. Richmond & Paz Tanjuaquio

on view November 11 to December 17, 2017

opening reception: Saturday, Nov 11, 5-8pm
closing reception: Sunday, Dec 17, 4-6pm
viewing hours: Saturdays 1-5pm or by appt:

TOPAZ ARTS, 55-03 39th Avenue in Woodside, Queens, NY
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TOPAZ ARTS is pleased to present Since I’m Being Honest With You – a solo exhibition by Kathrin Burmester – on view November 11 to December 17, 2017.

In her videos and sound piece “Table Move”, “Parkour”, and “Thing”, Burmester inserts herself and the viewer into a world of minimally staged objects to explore the many states of ‘thingness’. The works reflect the artist’s interest in thingness as it spans an inner world, domestic space and public platform.

I’m going to call you ‘it’ just for today, maybe also tomorrow.
It might be useful to think of you 
that way: thing – Ding – das Ding.

Object, body, sculpture, stage. Material things become options or determinants for actions as they order a space and propose various possible stagings and engagements. To consider a ‘thing’ suggests a maneuver to reaffirm concreteness in the very moment of embracing ambiguity. The gesture continuously shifts the relations between self and other, between subject and object, without ever being able to sever the ties between them. It is an attempt to open up a third space – a space for movement, action, play, resistance and stillness, and the many gradations and failings in between.

Since I’m Being Honest With You was first exhibited at MIM Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Jan 14 to Feb 11, 2017. Now on view at TOPAZ ARTS, this exhibition fittingly inhabits the multidisciplinary space for contemporary performance and visual arts. Burmester’s use of media investigates movement and form in connection with 
various materials, inviting the audience to contemplate, participate and experience a staged space.

About the Artist:
Kathrin Burmester is an artist who works in photography, the moving image, sound and performance. Her work engages the body and moves between states of vulnerability and resistance. She explores a position of subjectivity (speaking, performing, doing) that is constructed and real at the same time. Her work addresses the various frames through which we apprehend, and include the tools and objects for presentation (podium, stage, microphone, projectors, etc.) that allow for various forms of speech, demonstration of thought and affect to be put into play.

Her works have been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, and internationally in Greece and Germany. She holds a BFA in Film and Video from School of Visual Arts, NY and an MFA from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She is an adjunct professor at Otis College of Art and Design. She was born in Flensburg, Germany and now lives and works in Los Angeles.


TOPAZ ARTS Visual Arts Program is made possible by TOPAZ ARTS, Inc. and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

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