TOPAZ ARTS, Inc. is a nonprofit multidisciplinary arts organization founded in 2000 by artists Todd B. Richmond and Paz Tanjuaquio to support the creative process and foster new works in contemporary performance and visual arts. Having worked on projects in NYC since 1993, the artists saw a great need for a space in which to explore collaborations. TOPAZ ARTS was formed to provide such a place where the facilities meet the needs of artists – a space where collaborations can flourish and the process shared with the community. more about the artists >

TOPAZ ARTS is a creative development center, offering affordable space, visual arts exhibitions and residency opportunities, assisting hundreds of artists in the development and presentation of their works.  Located in Woodside, in NYC’s borough of Queens, the 2,500 sq. ft. facility boasts a contemporary dance studio and a light-filled gallery space. Transforming a former warehouse, the space is artist-designed using sustainability concepts such as incorporating radiant heat for the dance floor, largely using reused & recycled materials, and since its inception has maintained an organic roof garden. A pioneer in the Queens area, TOPAZ ARTS brings contemporary artists and new works to the community, encouraging dialogue among different disciplines & diverse cultures, stimulating new ideas and new ways of working.

Current Programs:

  • TOPAZ ARTS DANCE PRODUCTIONS explores the innovative works of founding artists Todd B. Richmond (composer/filmmaker) and Paz Tanjuaquio (choreographer/visual artist), whose work has been described in The New York Times as “intelligently conceived, image-filled dance”. TOPAZ ARTS Dance Productions are collaborative works of dance, original music and visual design, interweaving movement within diverse artistic forms. more >
  • ARTIST SERVICES offer much-needed space for the creative process, serving hundreds of artists in affordable space rental and residency opportunities. Subsidized rates are available for contemporary dance rehearsals starting at $10 per hour for a 1,250 sq. ft. fully-equipped dance studio with a marley-covered sprung heated dance floor. more >
  • VISUAL ARTS PROGRAM: TOPAZ ARTS supports new works and fosters cultural exchange through its Visual Arts Program. Facilitating exhibitions and events that are free and open to the public, TOPAZ ARTS presents four exhibitions annually featuring diverse artists working in multi-disciplines. Focusing on professional artists, from the established to the under-recognized, this program allows for experimentation, visibility and access to diverse audiences, often enabling first-time solo exhibitions. Providing exposure and critical feedback, many of the artists presented have discovered new ground in their artistic development and careers, while their works have inspired new ideas for other artists who utilize the space. more >
  • PARTNERSHIPS:  Collaborating with other leading arts organizations, such as New York State DanceForce – a statewide coalition of dance activists, we provide opportunities for artists and audiences to experience contemporary works through numerous events such as Artist Talks, open rehearsals, multi-venue exhibitions, and partnering with local & established artists. more >
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Since our inception in 2000, TOPAZ ARTS has used sustainable concepts in building design, operations and practices. In building up our space, we have concentrated on energy efficiency and common sense green building, incorporating radiant heating for the dance floor, passive solar in the gallery, maintaining an organic roof garden, utilizing recycled & reuse of materials, and is a leading venue in the use of efficient LED stage lighting. Applying efficiency to our operations and practices, TOPAZ ARTS provides quality programming in an environmentally inspiring space that has sustained our organization for over ten years. more >